About us

About us

Mission statement

Through relentless pursuit of perfection, we create worlds where people rediscover themselves!

Our Company

Imperia Online Ltd is an independent game studio developing a variety of web-based and mobile games. Our young team of highly qualified and creative professionals has built and continues to upgrade daily a number of virtual worlds which have become the stage of honor and glory for millions of people worldwide.

Our Products

In-Depth Research, Creativity, Innovation, Quality, Breakthrough Originality, Conceptual Complexity and Intuitive Interface are the tools which the Imperia Online team applies to turn great ideas into successful game products.

The IO Edge

Our products are not just games. Imperia Online’s products are the result of years of thorough investigative research and collective hard work enabling us to offer an online interactive experience beyond pure entertainment. Our games allow people from all ages, countries and cultural backgrounds to enter an environment which challenges their most cunning abilities and noble virtues, to become the undisputed, dominating power.