Free Programming Courses

Why join IT Talents?

Our IT Talents Training Camp has proven to be an extremely successful initiative. The results speak for themselves: course graduates without previous experience in the field or IT education are being granted an opportunity to become software developers. All successful graduates are being considered for a career within Imperia Online, and many other leading IT companies in Bulgaria.

  • Absolutely free program
  • Duration: 6 months
  • No specific education or experience required
  • Professional programming courses in four fields: PHP Web Development, JavaScript Web Development, Java EE and Java for Android (view the courses)

Information about the program

IT Talents Training Camp is an intensive education program for software development beginners. No previous experience and knowledge in the matter is required. The candidates go through a selection process divided in several steps including two logic tests and an interview by HR. The available courses are in several directions: PHP Web Development, JavaScript Web Development, Java EE and Java for Android. The successfully graduated students are offered a career realization immediately after the graduation – full-time job in a number of Bulgarian IT companies. The education is absolutely free, while the partner companies compensate for the training of the hired students. Imperia Online and are the main partners of the initiative. See the full list of our partners.

IT Talents Training Camp is an idea of Dobroslav Dimitrov and Moni Dochev (Imperia Online Ltd.). Knowing the needs and problems of the local IT industry, their team created the Training Camp – the place where for two years now hundreds of young and motivated people get their career start and successful realization in one of the most appealing fields. In just a few months anyone can get the required skills and knowledge in order to start working as a Junior programmer in the following directions: PHP Web Development, JavaScript Web Development, Java EE and Java for Android.

The Training Camp doesn’t have any intentions to compete with university education – the universities give more fundamental knowledge. In times of amazingly fast evolving technology and industry, the educational system isn’t capable of addressing their needs adequately. This called for a number of alternative initiatives to emerge. The students in IT Talents Training Camp simply acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in order to advance in their chosen career path.

Aim of the program

IT Talents Ltd. is aiming at stimulation and support of the IT industry, making its contribution to young people’s development in Bulgaria. The successfully graduated students receive the opportunity to work full-time in some of Bulgaria’s leading IT companies. By the project’s successful realization the transfer of professionals from one company to another is decreased. Brand new professionals are created instead. This way the Bulgarian developers are able to correctly predict their growth without being dependent on the labor market.

The program is characterized by:

  • Giving a chance to people without any specialized education – anyone with career aspirations in the IT sphere and specifically coding in different languages can join IT Talents Training Camp;
  • Rigorous multiple-stage selection process – two rounds of logic tests, a personality test and an interview with HR specialists;
  • Extremely intensive education, which consists of a combination of lectures, exercises, homework assignments and team projects. During the training the groups are examined and the trainees with the weakest results drop off;
  • Small groups of students, which allows attention to detail and personalized attention and approach from the teachers;
  • Specially designed classrooms, equipped with projectors, computers for the lecturers, cameras, recording all lectures for later use;
  • Mentorship program, in which leading specialists from different companies are taking part. There are classes on several other key competences – teamwork, presentation skills, business communication, and successful job interviewing;
  • All successful graduates that manage to find a job are given sertificates on the third month after their graduation, after a recommendation from their employer. Commemoration coins for the respective IT Talents Training Camp season are given out.

In July 2015 Season 4, for which there were over 2200 candidates, ended (the candidates for Season 3 were 1600, Season 2 – 1100, and for Season 1 – around 600 people). The interest in the initiative is increased with each consequtive campaign – right now IT Talents is partnered with tens of Bulgarian IT firms, whose number increases every day. The result of Season 4 was 81 graduates, qualified specialists, prepared over 4 months. Of them over 50% found a job within 2 weeks after graduation. Within 2 months over 80% found a job. We believe that all of them will have begun their exciting IT carrer within 6 months from the end of Season 4.

Season 5 began in September 2015 with a record number of applicants – over 3200. They enrolled in courses in PHP Web Development, JavaScript Web Development, Java EE and Java for Android. 215 began their education, and judging by results from previous seasons, around 120 of them will graduate, starting their career as software developers.