Projects that are no longer active.

Global WarsGlobal Wars

  • Genre: Web-based Strategy Game
  • Context: Modern military history
  • Published: March 2008
  • In a Nutshell: Global Wars’ content is based exclusively on contemporary history and modern weapon technology. The game offers the players the chance to specialize their states in weapon construction and sell its production on the Global Weapons’ Market to all those warlords that do not have the technology to do it themselves, to find rich deposits of oil and ore ready for exploitation and to train fearless armies of numerous squadrons and divisions to protect their property from their enemies’ lust for power. The Global Wars’ world map houses tens of thousand of players, competing for resources and domination on the same map.


Galactic ImperiaGalactic Imperia

  • Genre: Web-based Strategy Game
  • Context: Space
  • Published: November 15th 2007
  • In a Nutshell: The world of Galactic Imperia takes place far in the distant future. Starting with a single planet, players have many ways of making their space empires the mightiest in the galaxy. Fight the enemies all by themselves, establish alliances and federations, wage epic wars, colonization and economical expansion – the world of Galactic Imperia provides these opportunities all together. Thousands of real people are opposing each other in the conquest to the top, so, at the end of the era, they could be named Galaxy Rulers respected and honored by both, allies and adversaries.